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Why Enlist

Why Enlist- Enlist today and Increase your income now !!!!!

Before we address the issue of why to enlist, let us understand what is this all about.

You are familiar with the traditional, printed, dog eared ,thick and clumsy book called the Yellow Pages. is nothing but an "Internet Yellow Pages". Now let us go to the reason you are on this page.

Why should you enlist in the most trusted online business directory of Kerala?

Good Question !!!

Do you know the life of the following......?

1. Printed Yellow Page Advertisement   - Merely 7 months
2. News Paper Advertisement - Just one day
3. TV advertisements   - Just few seconds

Do you know how much the above costs.....?

1. Yellow Page (Single column X 5 cm) - More than Rs. 7000/-
2. Malayala Manorama Kochi edition
(for the same size b & w ad.)
- Rs. 2950/-
3. 10 Seconds during prime time on Asianet - Rs. 3000/-

This online directory gives you advantages incomparable with all other choices available for business promotions in Kerala.

Let us compare with traditional Yellow Page and this directory.

  Yellow Page (Kerala Yellow Pages on Internet)
1. The effective life of advertisement is  only 7 months The life is full 12 months and can be extended further.
2. Once printed, no changes  possible Any number of instantaneous changes possible
3. Available only in the concerned city Available through out the world

Though they say it works 24 hours, most of the business houses listed does not work 24 hours and customers can not contact you thereby losing the qualified leads

This directory works 24 hours and customers can send you the instant enquiry form with their requirements so that when you open your mail box, there can be number of qualified leads. Just get in touch with them and convert to business.
5. No client support once listed. Excellent client support system 365 days year after year.
6. No value added services available Number of value added services available.
7. Performs fly by night operations. We are permanently available for you to contact.

High cost imposes space limitations.

Offers you space for unlimited details.
9. Very limited color combinations for  your images. Full color presentations possible.
10. Not available while traveling. Available even on mobile phones and can be accessed through internet cafes.
11. No chance for customers out of your town contacting you. Global availability makes your details available to people all over the world.

Again do you know......?

"India is expected to see the highest growth rate in the Internet Market. Predictions say that 44% growth per year  in India".

             -Ref : - Report by the research firm Gartner Dataquest

"Indian's Internet user base is growing at a rapid pace. Indian's Internet population is estimated to grow to 29 million by March 2003 from 10.7 million in 2002".

 - Report by NASSCOM

(This shows a growth rate of 270% in a year. If the same growth rate is assumed, the user base should be 78.6 million in March 2004).

 *NASSCOM : National Association of Software and Service Companies.

And do you know.....?

The computer sales are increasing at more than 42% a year as per the latest statistics!!

                Imagine what for the people are using computers. Obviously, Internet !! Even the future entertainment is completely going to be through internet !

Do you think, your business is local and so no need to advertise in online directory?

Dear Friend, the true nature of all searches on all popular search engines are "Local Search".

Take time to go through the articles available by clicking on the following links.


And or let us call Kerala Yellow Pages on the internet is truly acting as a local search engine !!

Further do you think that you already have a beautiful, professional looking website?

Just having a professional looking and beautiful website does not serve any purpose unless people visit it. Yes, is an excellent gateway for the people to visit your  site since we give link to your website.

Again do you think that your business or service does not need promotion?

Wow, it is like you are chasing away a customer or client coming to you for doing a transaction with you. Will you do it?

If yes, stick to your decision and be left behind!!!

So finally can you miss IT..........?


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